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Cairnhill plantroomDenis Lawson Ltd have become one of the leading suppliers of  biomass boilers in Scottish Borders, Northumberland and East Lothian having now installed over 2mw of renewable heat generated from biomass. We have a wide range of experience on both domestic and commercial projects having installed numerous systems ranging from domestic boilers at 7kw to district heating,  heating up to 14 homes from one boiler. These systems  run on Wood pellets, Wood chip or logs, these can supply heating & hot water for individual or multiple properties through district heating systems. These systems are  very popular with the introduction of the Governments Renewable heat Incentive (RHI) allowing you to take advantage of the generous tariffs still being offered. The products are very versatile ranging from small wood pellet burning stoves which are ideally suited to a smaller property or as a wood burner replacement to larger biomass  boilers running on wood pellets, wood chip , logs or a combination of pellets and logs. We supply install & maintain some of the best products in the Biomass industry including ETA, MCZ, Winhagger & Grant. We are MCS registered (Cert no NAP22842) along with members of the Renewable Energy Customer Code (RECC) giving you confidence that you are being given professional advice on your installation.   We at Denis Lawson Ltd believe that with continued rising costs of both Gas and Oil biomass will have a large role to play in the future of the heating industry. Valve bag Biomass Boiler Systems have numerous advantages over our traditional fossil fuelled boiler systems. These can be installed at your home or business. We along with leading manufacturers will design, Supply and Install Wood Pellet, Wood Chip or Log Gasification Boilers. All systems are individually designed to suit your own individual needs. Being MCS approved we can ensure you gain access to the latest Government Incentive the Renewable Heat Incentive and Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme. We can supply biomass systems to suit any project from a small stove type boiler in a one bedroom house up to large industrial boilers heating large farmhouses, hotels or even castles. Fuel types range from wood pellets, wood chips, logs or a combination of these. We can give you advice on which fuel will suit your needs, how these fuel types will reduce your costs and also on managing your fuel supply. We feel the most important factors for a customer, when considering the possibility of a Biomass system is the reliability of the system and the ability to maintain the system throughout its working life. NEXT:   Biomass Boiler Installation