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Biomass Installation

Denis Lawson Ltd is based in Duns in the Scottish Borders, we cover the Borders, North-Northumberland and East Lothian and can help you from initial advice and designing your biomass system to installing , servicing and repairing your new biomass boiler. Whether you want a  biomass boiler to run a domestic property or a district system to run multiple property's, we can help you at all stages of the process we supply and install wood pellet boilers, wood chip boilers and log boilers of if you want a combination of logs and pellets we have boilers that can cater for your needs. All Biomass Boilers are all MCS approved (the Government’s Microgeneration Certification Scheme) this means you can have peace of mind that your will be eligible for the RHI now. We spent over two years researching the biomass industry and finding the best, most efficient and reliable range of products to supply our customers with, this combined with specialist training from each of our recommended boiler manufacturers mean that we believe we have found a range of products that will not only very reliable and efficient but also very flexible to suit any property. We recommend and can supply and fit the following, wood pellet, wood chip or log biomass boilers ETA - Wood Pellet, Wood chip and log boilers ranging from 12kw – 500kw, ETA have a versitile range of boilers to suit all requirements and are viewed as market leaders in the biomass industry. GrantWood pellet boilers ranging from 6kw – 72kw Windhager Wood pellet and log boilers 2.9kw – 78kw MCZ - Wood pellet room heaters and stoves from 6kw-45kw Aritherm- Wood pellet boilers starting at 45kw

Benefits of biomass.

  • Simple retro fit installs with properties currently run on Oil
  • Biomass fuel is much cheaper of Oil/LPG or less or FREE if you have a supply of logs
  • Biomass is slightly cheaper than mains gas
  • Will give a very attractive income through the governments RHI scheme
  • Many estates and large properties can harvest and chip their own wood for chip production
  • The price of traditional fossil fuels will be increasing at an increasing rate as their natural stocks dwindle
  • Easily retrofitted to any existing central heating systems
  • It is a carbon neutral fuel because the CO2 released during combustion is the same as the amount of CO2 absorbed by the organism during its life.
  • Biomass fuel is grown in the UK so the distance it travels to a consumer is less than that of most fossil fuels
  • Because it is grown in the UK it helps reduce the dependency of the British economy on oil and gas producing countries
  • It will contribute towards the UK becoming a more self-sufficient economic group
  • RHI compliant

Interest Free Loans

The Scottish Government is running an interest free loan scheme for householders who wish to install a renewables system. The scheme opened on 1st April 2011, and loans of up to £10,000 will be available on a first come first served basis. Full details are available via the following link: You can also call the Energy Saving Trust on 0800 512 012.  

Renewable Heat Premium Payments

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme is a government scheme that gives money to householders to help them buy renewable heating technologies – solar thermal panels, heat pumps and biomass boilers. The Renewable Heat Incentive has now been launched into the domestic sector this means homeowners who invest in renewable technology can not only reduce their carbon footprint but also generate an attractive income in the process.