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ETA Wood Chip Biomass boilers

At Denis Lawson Ltd All our wood chip boilers are manufactured by ETA, a leading Austrian manufacturer which is widely recognised as one of the best Biomass Boilers available. The current ETA wood chip boiler range  (known as the ETA HACK range) comprises boilers between 20 and 500 kW,  offering class leading reliability, performance and efficiency these boilers deliver all your expectations.

All ETA boilers are controlled via a touchscreen panel on the boiler this is also accessible via any internet accessible device like smartphones, pads or pc this allows users to monitor and control there heating system on the move simply and effectively.

These proven and tested boilers offer very high levels of efficiency (up to 95%), low emissions, ease of use and low operating costs. Automatic fuel recognition using lambda sensors allows for maximum efficiency to be obtained, over a variety of fuel types.

With automatic ignition, cleaning and de-ashing, operating these wood chip boilers is simple and user friendly with little user interaction required.

All Hack boilers are designed to run on wood chip but can also run on wood pellets. The fuel is delivered to the boiler using augers which are fed by an attached spring arm agitator within the fuel store. Auger length and agitator diameter can be adapted enable optimum boiler room and fuel store design.

All the Hack boilers can be used as dedicated pellet boilers using pellet delivery systems.

The ETA Hack control system automatically measures residual oxygen in the flue gas using lambda sensors and adjusts the fuel feed and air. This enables the boiler to accommodate for fuel of different energy density (e.g. pellet vs chip) and moisture to ensure the maximum burn efficiency possible.

ETA Hack boilers set the standard for safety with their air tight one-chamber rotary valve burn back protection.

The fuel feed mechanism on the ETA Hack wood chip boiler is particularly robust, the boilers are designed and warranted to burn G50 as well as G30 wood chip. This is unique to the ETA range. Also, the risk of blockage and damage from oversized fuel is minimized through to the incorporation of a patented single chamber rotary valve with a replaceable knife and anvil within the fuel feed mechanism. This knife will cut through 2” sticks.

Denis Lawson Ltd Recent biomass boiler installations include;

ETA Hack 199 at Cairnhill Farm, Duns. District Heating running the farmhouse, offices, workshops, stables and drying floors, the existing grain drying floors are now being used to dry woodchip for commercial sales.

ETA Hack  199 at Lintlaw Farm, Duns. District heating running 13 houses and farm workshop, this system has replaced the existing Oil, LPG and electric heating systems which all are now heated by the woodchip boiler.

ETA Hack 199 at Lochside House, Yetholm The existing oil boilers were proving very expensive to run and were replaced by the biomass boiler to heat the main house, and the two main holiday homes along with the games room, office, laundry and cottage.

ETA Hack 130 at Persons of Duns garden centre. The existing log boiler was removed along with a coal boiler and replaced with a new ETA boiler running on wood pellets this is being used to heat the offices, trade/DIY centre along with the Bay Tree Café and toilets both of which have had new wet heating systems installed.

ETA Hack 130 at Castleside, Ashkirk This boiler installed in a new purpose built plant room is being used to heat a group of buildings in a steading conversion along with the existing cottages, the existing electric boilers were removed and replaced with heat fed from the wood chip  boiler

Eta Hack 130 at Bassendaean House, Westruther

The existing oil boiler was proving very costly to run and struggling to heat the house properly, an ETA wood chip boiler was installed in the outbuilding which now serves the main house and cottages. The main house heating was also upgraded with the house now split into zones being controlled independently all through the ETA controls.