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Log burning biomass boilers by ETA & Windhagger

We can supply and fit log boilers made by ETA & Windhagger. Log boilers can provide a cheep source of heat where homeowners have access to wood on a regular basis, providing the wood is dried or seasoned to around 30% moisture this can be a good way of heating your home. Although logs can provide a cheep and reliable way of heating your home running a log boiler does require a lot of work as these boilers require manual filling and cleaning on a daily basis , this should be given a great deal of thought before having a log boiler fitted. A good option is to opt for a duel fuel model that can use logs or wood pellets, when you have time to fuel the boiler logs can be used  but when you are busy or on holiday  the boiler has an automated wood pellet module which can take over when required, this is an ideal option for many people. If you would like any further information on these boilers please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.   Eta Log boiler              ETA  biomass logo             Windhagger biomass