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Boiler Replacement

With Gas costs now higher than ever & rising every year it has never made more sense to look at ways to reduce our fuel bills as much as possible. One easy way of doing this is to replace your old boiler with a new high efficiency condensing boiler. We recommend Worcester Bosch & Gloworm boilers to our customers due to their high efficiency & reliability, both come with extended warranties which can be linked to a service plan which guarantees them for up to 10 years. All boilers are fitted by Gas Safe engineers & in line with current building regulations. As Green Deal approved installers we can help our customers qualify for a £400 grant via the Green homes cashback scheme which is currently running. Please contact us for details on how you can accesses this funding.  

What is a high-efficiency condensing boiler?

Because the flue gases leaving a condensing boiler are cool, they tend to produce a noticeable mist or plume of water vapour around the flue terminal itself (as they condense upon contact with the atmosphere), especially under cold conditions. This is not a problem and in fact indicates that the boiler is working as intended. However, consideration should be given to boiler and flue location prior to installation so that the plume will not be too close to neighbouring properties or windows, doors and paths regularly used in the winter. Condensing boilers offer tangible benefits by:
  • Improving household efficiency thus reducing fuel bills.
  • Condensing boilers work on the principle of recovering as much as possible from the heat which is normally expelled to the atmosphere through the flue of a conventional (non-condensing) boiler. This is accomplished by using secondary heat exchanger within the boiler which maximises heat transfer from the burning fuel as well as recovering useful heat which would normally be lost with the flue gases.
  • When in condensing mode (for condensing boilers do not condense all the time) the flue gases give up their ‘latent heat’ which is then recovered by the heat exchanger within the boiler. As a result the temperature of the gases exiting the flue of a condensing boiler is typically 50-60°C compared with 180-280°C in a current non-condensing boiler. At the same time water or ‘condensate’ is produced & this is disposed of through a pipe to either a small soak away or foul water drainage system (Not a septic tank).
  •  Condensing boilers will always have a much better operating efficiency than a conventional non-condensing one, due to its larger and more efficient heat exchangers . The benefits of condensing boilers speak for themselves.
  Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body for the United Kingdom. Only a Gas Safe Registered installer is legally allowed to install, maintain and service gas appliances. It’s vital that you check your gas installer is Gas Safe Registered. You can ask to see your installer’s Gas Safe Registration card or check on the Gas Safe Register website. If the installer can’t produce an ID card they are an illegal gas installer. You may like to know that after you have had gas work carried out in your property you can nominate the installation for inspection by the Gas Safe Register. Gas Safe Register is appointed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI on 1st April 2009. Website: