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Wood Pellet Biomass boilers

With the rising cost of Oil and Gas biomass is fast becoming a very popular way to heat your home, these are very versatile products which can heat anything from a small flat to large industrial property's.We believe we have a great range of products to suit everyone's requirements and budgets and can also advise you on fuel supply for your new boiler. Running on  manufactured pellets made from waste  wood they are also environmentally friendly and provide a clean and simple way to install biomass in your property weather it be domestic or commercial. With a range of ways to fuel your boiler ranging from filling it with 10kg bags to having fully automated feed systems from outdoor storage it can be as easy to operate as you wish. As approved suppliers, installers and service engineers of leading brands such as ETA, Windhager, MCZ and Aritherm biomass boilers  you can be assured that not only will you be getting a quality product but you will have us on hand for all on-going maintenance and any repairs required. We are MCS accredited and members of RECC (Renewable energy customer code) and also offer extended workmanship warranty's on all our installations meaning you are assured of all work being carried out to the highest standard. if you are interested in looking into the benefits of having a Biomass boiler fitted into your property please get in touch with us here at Denis Lawson Ltd and we will be happy to help with all your questions. Below are some of the installations we have completed recently.     PEKPC32 REDPC32WindWindhager domestic